Redgear Series Z Z-2 Pro Gaming Mouse

  • The Mighty 3360 gaming grade sensor
  • DPI up to 12000
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • Software customization option for LED and macros
  • 16.8 million led color option
  • Braided cable with amazing build quality

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Product Description

Switches Made for Durability

Switches made for extra durability even for extreme gaming in cyber cafe while ensuring they stay quick and hyper-responsive.









We like to have a mouse that looks as good as it works. That’s why the z-2 offers a fully customizable RGB customization. Our very complete driver allows you to fully customize your mouse LED feature.

You can choose among several effects (steady, breathe, etc.) choose the colors you want and adjust the brightness.








Macro Customization

The Redgear z-2 is designed with 8 programmable buttons for your macro assignment with its software which can save up to 5 profiles. Customize your key binds and everything in one go.








On-The-Fly DPI Switching

Instant DPI switching upto 12000 Customize the way you want it, make the right moves in any game situation. Shift through multiple DPI settings for quickly selecting on-screen options or scanning the game map (up to 12000DPI) or downshifting to make pixel-precise sniper targeting or unit selection (200DPI) using conveniently placed buttons.